My son and I had our first MyFunBus experience and it certainly won't be our last. It was awesome!!! We attended the Astros/Yankees game and our MyFunBus host for the trip, Eddie, was great. He was very friendly, funny, and professional. Since this was an early trip, they had breakfast prepared and waiting for us. The games played on-board got everyone involved and made the time go by quickly. There was also prizes involved which brought out everyone's competitive side. The bus dropped us off right in front of Yankee Stadium. We had great seats. The Yankees won, so everyone was in a really good mood after the game. The bus picked us up exactly where we were dropped off after the game. On the bus ride home, Eddie played a movie and served us homemade cookies, chips, and something to drink. We left two very happy customers. I also want add that Gary Dowd who organizes the trips was so helpful. He answered all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. This is such a great company with such thoughtful and personal touches that show that they really care about giving their customers a great experience. I highly recommend MyFunBus and can't wait to plan my next trip. #MyFunBus, #HighlyRecommendMyFunBus, #GreatTimeOnMyFunBus #TheOnlyWayToTravelIsOnMyFunBus